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There are soo, soo many hookup sites out there
Below is a typical profile of a gay man that I cut & pasted from one of the cruise sites-
Notice where it says HIV status: Ask Me…well nobody has to, it’s inferred that the guy is Positive
Profiles that don’t mention HIV status or say shit like Anything Goes are all HIV+ 

Age: 51
Height: 6’0
Build: Swimmers
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Blue
Cock: Ask Me
Availability: Right Now
Place: My Place
HIV Status: Ask Me
 “Based on studies of metro areas with large gay populations, Broward County, in which Ft. Lauderdale is located, has been repeatedly identified as having the highest per capita rate of HIV in the US, with an estimated 30% of gay men identified as HIV positive. If you visit here, be extra sure to wrap up. There are bowls of free condoms in many locations where gay people go.”
I moved to Fort Lauderdale at least partially because of the large gay population, but now that I’m here I’m surprisingly tentative and afraid to jump in and start dating. I am glad and grateful to be HIV negative & healthy, and plan to stay this way obviously. I complained about Pensacola not having any dating prospects or potential….in Fort Lauderdale there seems to be ample quantity of men, quality maybe not so much…and it is somewhat potentially hazardous to my health to date here as well. I am still a little broken-hearted and damaged from the ending to my 12-year relationship with the man who I thought was the love of my life…..you think? My mother’s reclusive tendencies are kinda calling out to me…