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I like to play ball at these courts next to the Oakland Park library, so I stopped at the Publix in the homosexual community of Wilton Manors to change out of my work clothes, as Publix bathrooms are unfailingly, invariably clean. So I go to the deli to get a piece of chx and I spy a cute guy, just doing some grocery shopping.  He is meeting all my criteria(s) short,waspy, preppie…very Brian d’Arcy James-ish. I commence to cruising him. I do this by walking past him and subtly staring, then looking back all sexy once his attention is grabbed. He’s interested, of course. He moves over to the next aisle. I discreetly follow him. We smile at each other again. I’m amping up to use my words and see what’s up for real. He heads toward the registers. I get a little concerned. He takes his phone out and calls someone. He is talking in a TOO LOUD voice that I realize is meant for me to hear. He says “Hey this guy is cruising me in the grocery store. I’m not hooking up though. He would be cute except he’s got a mohawk and those big hole earrings. It’s too much.” WTF?

like my idol sweet brown, I ran up outta there! I wasn’t cruising him anyway, just trying to be polite…

I do note that he had said “It’s too much” with considerable inflection and flair…in a decidely un-masculine way

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