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Sweet Home Alabama?

I went to the DHR website to peruse the social work jobs…not bad. I did a lot of growing up in Birmingham, I hear it kind of calling me to come back…My decades-long unrequited love WK still lives like 5 minutes from the home I grew up in…his children are almost grown and gone, he has to be lonely and unfulfilled by now, right? Would I move somewhere based mainly on the idea of WK? who is completely in the closet as far as I can tell….plus the married guy *Mark that I am kinda in love with has proven disappointingly loyal to his wife, I can’t wait five years for him to have his mid-life crisis (me, I would be his mid-life crisis, get it)…he’s such a dainty little fella, I worry his wife might be physically abusing him or intimidating him or something…*Mark, I’m here if you need me, no means no, your body your choice, etc…

*not his real name

State of Alabama
Personnel Department
64 North Union Street
P. O. Box 304100
Montgomery, AL 36130-4100
Phone: (334) 242-3389
Fax: (334) 242-1110
Continuous Announcement
Salary: $35,589.60 – $53,995.20
Revised Date: December 12, 2012
The Senior Social Worker is a permanent full-time position used by various agencies throughout the state. This is advanced
professional service social work. Employees in this class develop a social service plan for a difficult and complex select
caseload in child protective services, adult protective services, child and adult foster care and/or adoptions; investigate complex
abuse and neglect cases; provide immediate crisis intervention; assess need and delivery of services; arrange for clinical
services; and/or plan for nursing home care.
• Master’s degree in Social Work from a social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.
• Eligibility for Licensure as issued by the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners
 Licensure must be obtained within the probationary period in order to obtain permanent employment.
 Applicants must complete and submit with their applications the willingness questionnaire on the reverse side of this
announcement. Applications without the willingness questionnaire will not be accepted.
 Applicants must have available, suitable transportation.
 Per Alabama Act Number 2000-775, beginning November 1, 2000, persons who apply for child welfare jobs will be
subjected to a criminal background investigation prior to employment with the Department of Human Resources.
 Applicants may apply for this position during their last semester of college; however, applicants will be required to submit
documentation verifying completion of the Master’s degree to the hiring agency prior to beginning work.
 Low-Cost Health/Dental Insurance (Single Coverage)  Optional Family Coverage (Health/Dental)
 Accrue Thirteen Annual Leave Days per Year  Accrue Thirteen Sick Days per Year
 Thirteen Paid Holidays per Year  Retirement Plan
 Flexible Employee Benefit Plans  Optional Deferred Compensation Plans
 Open-Competitive to all applicants
 Evaluation of Training and Experience as shown on application
• Complete an Application for Examination Form available at http://www.personnel.alabama.gov, the above address, or any
Alabama Career Center Office.
• Apply by mail or by fax. Applications will be accepted until further notice.
Please refer to the State Personnel Department web site or call us at (334) 242-3389 for complete information on our policy for
accepting post-secondary and advance degrees.
Applicants hired by the State of Alabama on or after January 1, 2012 will be subject to the E-Verify process
pursuant to Act No. 2011-535.
Are you willing and able to:
1. Work in situations where children or adults are deprived of basic living needs (ie food, shelter,
education, medical services, clothing etc.)? Yes □ No □
2. Remove children from current living situations for placement in foster care against the wishes of
the parents or legal guardians? Yes □ No □
3. View graphic physical abuse of children or adults? Yes □ No □
4. Work in high crime areas, sometimes alone? Yes □ No □
5. Use your personal vehicle to transport clients, children, supplies, or conduct visits? Yes □ No

6. Work with persons who are substance abusers? (alcohol and drugs) Yes □ No □
7. Work in low income housing projects sometimes alone? Yes □ No □
8. Occasionally work nights and weekends? Yes □ No □
9. Take verbal abuse without retaliating physically or verbally? Yes □ No □
10. Visually observe children, clients, or adults for physical signs of deprivation (ie clothing, hygiene, extreme
weight loss, etc)? Yes □ No □
11. Handle large case loads? Yes □ No □
12. Maintain strict confidentiality of all information to which you have access? Yes □ No □
13. Serve as a witness in court proceedings? Yes □ No □
14. Maintain very detailed case notes? Yes □ No □
15. Work in highly emotional situations and maintain composure? Yes □ No □
16. Handle a large volume of paperwork? Yes □ No □
17. Handle the pressure of meeting deadlines? Yes □ No □
Signature: ____________________________ Social Security Number: ________________________