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Gypsy Moves

alternate title: It’s You Baby

My paternal side of the family are of Irish ancestry, black Irish. My maternal side is a hodge-podge, German, Italian, French…and Romani, Roma, the people. I’m looking back on some of my life choices and wondering if I can blame the mistakes on my gypsy roots. I have caravaned my way through life for 23 years now, moving on, giving up, starting fresh…however I want to spin it. At 17, I moved to Pensacola, FL, then Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, AL, Alpine, AL, Atlanta, Birmingham, Pensacola, Orlando, Pensacola, Oakland, CA, New Orleans, Birmingham, Pensacola…and now Fort Lauderdale. Four months later, I’m trying to talk myself into moving back to Birmingham, there might be a man there, cost of living is low, I could possibly swing a mortgage, it actually gets cold…WTF?

Take a good look at yourself, John: It’s You Baby! Until I find myself and figure out how to be happy with me, I’m not gonna be able to settle down and live happily ever after, ever…with someone else or alone. I’m in arguably the gayest nomenclature in the U.S., certainly in the southern states. I have a good…uhh fair…uhh paying job, I’m healthy, I have some degrees and education, there are literally thousands of middle-aged gay men lurking everywhere ’round here…I need to make this work, I can make this work, people like me, I’m special (good special)… I’m all yours Fort Lauderdale, help me get back to being happy and gay! well happy anyways…

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My Granny, Sara Caldwell