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Sweet little Kiran is on a voyage of self-discovery in Blue Boy, so confused and unhappy and socially inept. His traditional Punjabi parents are very hard on him,they don’t get him at all, not seeing any of the sweet uniqueness that make him so utterly special in his “difference.” He has his Strawberry Shortcake (and Blueberry) dolls, he’s taking ballet, he’s incredibly smart, he’s an artist…and he can sew. His failures at trying to fit in are funny and heartbreaking and sad, ending with Kiran performing Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” in his school’s 6th grade talent show…in his mother’s traditional Indian sari.

“A book’s content never changes, and yet it is always intriguing; something you read can mean something completely different to you at a different time. This is not the case with my classmates. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that people can be devastating at any moment.”

“I have my own language. I am my own language.”

“I am destined for great things, too. I am blue, too. You just can’t see it yet.” – Kiran referring to Krishna

“Blue Boy proves that if you don’t quite fit in, then you might as well stand out with as much wit, color, and audacity as you can muster.”

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