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To all you high school band geeks, baby drag queens, softball players, lispy boys: stay in color guard or find a summer league team or join the school chorus…wear that eyeliner, or flannel with birkenstocks…date a boy named Chrisss (3 s’s) or a girl who looks like Bieber…do you, take whatever small pleasures and cherish contentment and acceptance wherever you find it, you might be in the as-good-as-it-gets portion of your life and not even realize it. When you’re 40 years old and don’t have anything, no hope, no prospects, no one to love you…you’ll understand that it doesn’t always get better, life is bullshit, sometimes you never find fulfillment and happiness and love…then you slowly fade away and die, alone…

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Me, all sad and depressed, in 1997…with my Cyndi Crawford mole