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White Horse - Alex Adams

I started reading this book and didn’t stop until I finished it six hours later. Our heroine Zoe finds herself alone and pregnant in a post-apocalyptic world where 95% of the population have already died. Those who have survived are starting to show genetic mutations. There is no government, no military, no electricity, no food or medicine, no one to help her…Zoe has only a mother’s strength and her courage to rely on as she journeys to Delphi. White Horse is the name of the virus that has destroyed the planet.

White Horse has been called “McCarthy’s The Road on steroids” and is the first book in a trilogy that I expect will blow the doors off the Hunger Games.

“I’ve heard the story about the woman who opened the box and let havoc grab a choke hold on the world.”

“It’s not just college grades that fall in a curve. Human decency is bell-shaped, with some of us slopping over the edges. Saints on one end, sinners on the other.”

“This is not the country where gleeful tourists toss coins into the Trevi Fountain, nor do people flock to the Holy See anymore. Oh, at first they rushed in like sickle cells forced through a vein, thick, clotted masses aboard trains and planes, toting their life savings, willing to give it all to the church for a shot at salvation. Now their corpses litter the streets of Vatican City and spill into Rome.”

a12White Horse Back Cover Alex Adams