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So when I applied for my last job they had me take a test that analyzes behavioral style, that is, a person’s manner of doing things. That was all well and good, until I got my results back and they had me listed as female 😦    I highlighted a few sentences that seemed to be trying to out me as a gay anyways…

Based on John’s responses, the report has selected general statements to provide a broad understanding of her work style. These statements identify the basic natural behavior that she brings to the job. That is, if left on her own, these statements identify HOW SHE WOULD CHOOSE TO DO THE JOB. Use the general characteristics to gain a better understanding of John’s natural behavior.

“John, as a manager, supervisor or group leader can use her people skills to build group involvement and increase participation from the group. She prefers working for a participative manager. She does her best work in this kind of environment. She projects a self-assured and self-confident image. She is approachable, affectionate and understanding. John likes feedback from her manager on how she is doing. She can be friendly with others in many situations, but primarily with groups of established friends and associates. She is sociable and enjoys the uniqueness of each human being. She can combine and balance enthusiasm and patience. She tends to trust people and may be taken advantage of because of her high trust level. John seeks popularity and social recognition. She likes to deal with people in a favorable social environment. She likes to develop people and build organizations.”

“John likes working for managers who make quick decisions. She
is good at solving problems that deal with people. Because of her trust
and willing acceptance of people, she may misjudge the abilities of
others. She is good at giving verbal and nonverbal feedback that
serves to encourage people to be open, to trust her and to see her as
receptive and helpful. John prefers not disciplining people. She may
sidestep direct disciplinary action because she wants to maintain the
friendly relationship. When she has strong feelings about a particular
problem, you should expect to hear these feelings, and they will
probably be expressed in an emotional manner. She likes to
participate in decision making.”

“John may use her time imprecisely because she likes to talk to
people. She is comfortable with most people and can be quite informal
and relaxed with them. Even when dealing with strangers, John will
attempt to put them at ease. It is important for John to use her people
skills to “facilitate” agreement between people. She tends to look at all
the things the group has in common, rather than key in on the
differences. She tends to influence people to her way of thinking by
using verbiage as compared with others who like to use reports. John
judges others by their verbal skills and warmth. She is positive in her
approach to dealing with others. She may not understand why
everyone doesn’t see life as she does! She is both a good talker and a
good listener. She usually uses many gestures when talking.