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Just for Men

Hundreds of my gentleman admirers have been shocked and amazed and astounded when told how old I am, apparently I look soo young (much younger than 25 years old, which may/may not be my age). Unfortunately, some kind of genetic anomaly or something is making my eyebrows grow in blonde…well, either blonde or white, salt-n-pepper. Wow, s&p eyebrows, that ain’t me…and this mysterious blonde/s&p anomaly is trying to grow in on my head and chest as well! I might need to go to urgent care and get checked out…until then, I have invested $7 in Just for Men! (since the late 80’s) and I now have a big, thick, brown…eyebrow(s). I am going to age gracefully au natural (follically) elsewhere though…the carpet still matches the drapes, but not the EYEBROWS!