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My first big deal club job was bartending at Kaya on Peachtree. I moved to Atlanta to be part of the Olympic experience, and had a great time, but there was maybe just a little bit too much going on for me. Atlanta was so so gay all the time, my circle of friends were druggin’ and drinkin’ and screwin’, I couldn’t afford my place on Highland, and I thought I was in love with this emotionally unavailable asshole lawyer who kept me at arm’s length for the duration of our relationship (story of my life). When I would get home from pouring drinks or partying, dawn would often be on the horizon. I would put my Amplified Heart cd on and EBTG would sing me to sleep. The whole album is fantastic, relaxing and chill and beautiful and sad.

“I still haven’t got over it even now.
I want to spend huge amounts of time on my own.
I don’t want to cause any serious damage.
I want to make sure that I can manage,
because I’m not really in your head,
I’m not really in your head.

And I see love and disaffection
and the clouds build up and won’t pass over.
This is my road to my redemption.
And my life is just an image of a rollercoaster anyway. “