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My Career as a Prostitute

an excerpt from my book, available on Amazon for $3.99:

There are a few things that hustlers invariably do whilst on the stroll. Obviously all the strippers at the Corner Pocket or insert gay go-go bar name here schedule “dates” with admirers after work, and I always knew that. My decidedly sleazy friend Dale educated me on how to spot a hustler, as he quite often used their services when vacationing in the Big Easy. #1) The easiest way to spot a hustler is whenever you’re looking at them, they’re looking right back at you, always. That eye contact and nod and smile can all seal the deal. Let me see, let me see, well shit, John you sure were making hella eye contact and nodding and smiling like a hooker, now weren’t you? #2) Hustlers work all up and down Bourbon, discreetly advertising their wares and attempting to catch a man, in a gay club or straight club, standing on a corner, wherever. Once they’ve caught a man’s eye, they will invariably leave that establishment and head down into the seedy gay part of the quarter, maybe Lafitte’s, oh, that’s where I led Charles. #3) A hustler’s chest and stomach will almost always be visible, he will be shirtless or something, a walking advertisement for product. This tell is irrelevant to my pickup, I would never take my shirt off, just paying the how-to-pick-up-a-hustler educational tutorial forward, I’m altruistic like that.