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15 Hateful Tweets About  Michael Sam Coming Out

Jordan Bowers @BowersIsTheBoss
Call me heartless, but I won’t support Michael Sam. I won’t discriminate, but I also can’t praise a man who has disregarded God’s laws.

Mary Fords Grandbaby @MaryFordgb
It saddens me that black male role models now are either homo or in jail.College football star Michael Sam: I’m gay

Pastor Jeff Earls @PastorJeffEarls
New Fag League – The Doom of a Great American Game

Spirit of Truth @SpiritofTruth1
Michael Sam I’m gonna cast yo fag fucking ass to hellz!!!

Smokey Dope @TokeyDope
Who gives a shit if Michael Sam is a fag I dont wanna hear it everytime I turn to @ESPN

sam palmer @sampalmer14
No one care if Michael Sam is gay. Be a homo in private. I want to watch sports center not a gay guy who plays football.

NBAInsider @wesleym80
what a wacko Michael Sam lol says hes atracted to guys WTF thats fucking gross haha @espn #SportsCenter that should be Not top 10 lol

Randy @RandalldaCandle
That queer Michael Sam needs to go home. No one wants gay people on there football team.
Dub @DawgsAreInAnI

Michael Sam bringing smear the queer to a whole new level #corksoaker

Gopis dead @Gopisdead
MLK is ROLLING in His Grave. Did He DIE 4 This? Who is going 2 follow this guy w/o the liberal elite?

Pariah’s Child @Lakeshow_248
Michael sam. Hope u die
Al Hannum @AlHannum3

Michael Sam’s don’t ask don’t tell brotha.Now I can’t watch sport center for the rest of the week ,you ruined it god damn

Alek Aker @AlekAker
Why are people praising Michael Sam & acting like hes greater than God just because hes openly gay?!? Its a sin! #ThisWorldIsGoingToHell