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Michael Sam Comes Out

I listen to 98.7 if I’m in the car afternoons. Booger McFarland, a beloved former Buccaneer who played his college ball at LSU, called the NFL locker room “the most homophobic work place in the world” today. There are some really ugly sentiments being expressed, some by players. One thing that keeps being mentioned is that the other players will be uncomfortable and unhappy in the locker room, because apparently Michael will be ogling them and cruising the showers for the gay sex all of the time. I’ve got news for you assholes, there are gay men in all walks of life, including the NFL. Michael is just brave enough to come out and own who he is. Sadly, unfortunately, since his announcement his draft stock has plummeted. Once projected as a 4th or 5th round pick, the draft boards are now predicting that he might not get drafted at all, as NFL teams “don’t need the drama or media attention” that a player of his caliber will be generating. I say Hoorah! for you, Michael Sam, for being a proud, gay man, and a role model for the next generation.