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Greatest Valentine's Gift

Today was an extremely emotional day for me, ending with me crying in my car. I wasn’t crying because something awful had happened in court on this day (though I have a few times in the past). There was just so much emotion and love in that court house, it was almost overwhelming. I had the adoption finalization for two of my children, sisters, ages 9 and 6. My 9 year-old, who is such a sweet and sensitive child, climbed into her adoptive mother’s lap and cried throughout the hearing. Her cute little chubby cheeks were red, and she was so worked up. Everyone in the court room, even the normally hard-nosed Judge and the deputies, had tears in their eyes or were crying. I was bawling. After the ceremony, the little girl said she was crying because “I’m happy to be adopted, but sad because me and my little sister lost our birth mother.”

And they lived happily ever after