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Fiend - Peter Stenson

The zombie apocalypse is here…and the only people immune to the disease are tweakers!

“When Chase Daniels sees the little girl in umbrella-print socks disemboweling the Rottweiler, he’s not too concerned. As a longtime meth addict, he’s no stranger to such horrifying drug-fueled hallucinations. But as he and his fellow junkies soon discover, the little girl is no illusion. The end of the world really has arrived. And with Chase’s life already destroyed beyond all hope of redemption, Armageddon might actually be an opportunity–a last chance to hit restart, win back the love of his life, and become the person he once dreamed of being.”

“Breaking Bad meets The Walking Dead in this heartbreaking, darkly funny debut that pits a meth junkie against the zombie apocalypse.”

a goodreads review:
“Our protagonist is Chase Daniels, a meth addict, and he wakes up in a scene out of the movies. Holed up for a week, he can’t believe his eyes. As the shit progressively hits the fan, Stenson takes us deeper into his mind, a cesspool of tragedy and regret. In the midst of it all is an incandescent beacon of hope, glorious and all-encompassing in its purity: the next fix.

It’s the temporary hope that an addict always harbors, which always makes it possible for the next fix to happen. When that hope is extinguished, so is the pulse. In stories like this, there’s that, and there’s another hope. It’s the hope of the human race, that it will rebuild from the ruins. You find it in all those post-apocalypse stories. Survivors emerge from the municipal wastelands, armed to the teeth and happy despite, no, in spite of all this pain and death. Stenson tells us there is no hope for mankind in Fiend. We’re fucked.

“I went through this book like a junkie does his stash.”