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99Taco Bell Breakfast

I was intrigued, and since I am such a foodie and have real refined taste and whatnot, I had two breakfast offerings from Taco Bell this a.m…not sure why I thought their breakfast items would be of higher quality than their regular fare. I am leery of sausage of any kind, subconsciously aware that all the other piggy parts (tails, snouts, feet) are probably ground up to make them. I shudder to think what quality sausage Taco Bell (who boils their meat in bags) was using. Instead I chose a bacon and cheese waffle and a bacon and egg taco, thinking I couldn’t go wrong with bacon: wrong! Taco Bell’s bacon is like bacon bits bacon, little shrivel scrapes of fat and processed meat. The waffle was meh, bacon artificial, and my raggedy little taco didn’t even have cheese…I think you’re safe for now, McDonald’s…actually Hardee’s breakfast is the bestest.