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A Confused 51-Year Old's Wannabe Hipster OKCupid Profile

I admit I have an OKCupid profile…have never had any luck on there, except once, with this cute little music professor from Orlando. I occasionally log in and peruse the profiles. I came across one that really caught my attention, for several reasons:

1) Ginger
2) Big black frame glasses
3) 51
4) Allegedly an attorney

Digging deeper into his profile, I think he was maybe trying too hard to be all ironic and hipster Williamsburg dude. His older pictures are not as thought out as his most recent pic. Below is his descriptive, which I do think is very clever:

My self-summary
I am just me. It’s all very complicated. But it’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you. Look, it’s all a bit technical, but the important thing is that *my* company’s future is secure. (I know it’s from Batman Begins, but the average homo wouldn’t).

The other reasons I think the profile is cute is that he lists Coldplay as a favorite, also Titanic and Braveheart. Has to be all hipster ironic, right? Well to make a short, sad story short, I did message him, twice, and was ignored…how ironical. I’ll just be alone forever and ever I guess 😦


About personality traits
Personality traits are based on answers to Match Questions as compared to the OkCupid population.

For example, A Confused 51-Year Old Wannabe Hipster appears to be more friendly to strangers than gay men his age.
He might be
More Friendly To Strangers
More Giving
More Adventurous
More Sex-Driven
More Kinky
More Confident
More Arrogant
More Dominant
More Indie
than you.

He might be…
Less Conventionally Moral
Less Experienced In Life
Less Compassionate
Less Old-Fashioned
Less Spiritual
Less Literary
Less Kind
Less Artsy
Worse Mannered
Less Political
Less Independent
Less Optimistic
Less Energetic
than you.

Interested? Go ahead…Send him a message