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I am the Flea Market

Nothing reminds me more of my Alabama roots than a good ole flea market.
My purchases this day:
A Boston Terrier painting for my kitchen, and a print of 2 bugs? that looks all modern and whatnot: $5 and $3


A camouflage dog bed: $4 This was a suspiciously low price, as the bed is almost new. I quickly discovered why, as it became evident that the last dog had peed all up on the bed. Now my car smells like pee, and I am going to have to wash it several times to get all traces of urine smell out, as Cricket will mark (pee) on it to show her dominance if she smells urine. She’s such a boss, when Squeak pees Cricket goes and pees on top of Squeak’s pee, to remind her what time it is in the hood.



Books check ’em out: A nice, new Confederacy of Dunces, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher and Anne Rice: $8.75

not shown: cinnamon sugar donuts and caramel kettle corn and nachos…and a large DIET coke