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Take A Lover Who Looks at You Like Maybe You Are Magic

There is a sweet little guy in Oviedo that I like, a dog trainer in Leesburg, a Gator fan in Tampa, a wedding coordinator in Orlando. I just want one of them to pursue me, court me, ask me out, “look at me like maybe I am magic.” I know I have the ability to see the magic in one of them. I found myself typing up a message to the professor in Oviedo this a.m., and stopped myself. He agreed (acquiesced?) to have dinner with me a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard from him since then. If I gave the dogs a bath, drove up and got a room in Orlando for the night ($90), I am pretty sure I could have a date with him (and more). Having done this with another guy in Ft. Myers a few months ago, it makes me look thirsty and it’s expensive and kind of sad. I guess I will continue to wait for my knight in shining armor, if that asshole even exists he needs to get at me ASAP man! My babies want a new daddy as well…