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I have a new little one on my caseload. He was born healthy and allowed to go home with his mother from the hospital. DCF removed him for failure to thrive nine days later, but irreparable damage was already done. I ask to hold him, and his foster mother places this fragile little bird in my arms, gently reminding me to be careful of the feeding tube in his stomach. I look down at him. His bright blue eyes find mine, and he smiles. Tears well up in my eyes. I think about how negative and unhappy and unproductive I have been in these past two years, complaining about getting old or being lonely, and I am ashamed. This little angel has had a rough life so far, and is lucky to be alive. Seeing his perfect little face smiling up at me, I promise to do my best to find him a forever home and family, who will love him…like I already do.