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*a glimpse into the life of a 3rd ward hustler, who might be a little off in the head

On Sunday afternoon I was at Publix making some groceries, and I bought 5 $2 Loteria lottery scratch offs. When I scratched, I hit $20. I drive back to Publix, not to cash in my money but to buy $40 of Loteria tickets. At the crib, I scratch and hit 3 or 4 small wins, totaling $46. I return to Publix, not to cash in my winnings, but to buy more. This time I buy 50 of the $2 Loteria tickets and 20 $5 20x pay scratch offs. I’m gettin’ ready to blow up, 3rd ward Magnolia ya heard? I start to scratch, and scratch, and scratch, and I gots nothing. I horrifically won $8 on $100 of the Loteria tickets. I move on to the 20x pay, I know they gonna win for sure. I scratch and scratch and scratch, this is some bullcorn. I win $22 on the $100 of 20x tickets. My $200 investment has netted me $30…and my child support is due! They gonna have to garnish my wage again 😦