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I always catch deals, know when things are half price, get the hookup. It’s almost like stealing, having my skill set at the Swap Shop, the biggest flea market in the world, in Broward County.

3 12-foot retractable leashes for the dogs, a Tinker Bell collar and a bulldog coffeee mug, all from Petsmart, $1 each, $5 total. The leashes still had the clearance price of $15.27 each on them.

Vitamins, Fish Oil, Fiber, Acai Berry, Men’s and Energy dietary supplements, 2 for $1, $5 total, vitamins and fiber for months!

*the sketchy guy who sold me the Petsmart stuff told me he dug it out of their dumpster, and all of the vitamins were expired, but I’m cool with that