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My friend Melissa has a one-legged Australian Shepherd named Maverick and a deaf cat named Romeo, who’s kind of a creeper. One night last week we decided to introduce our babies to each other. Maverick did bark a little as we got near, but only because he was excited, as he is a GOOD dog. He kind of rushed up to sniff Cricket, who doesn’t like to be crowded, so she growled and lunged for his face. I jerked her back just in time, because if they fought Maverick would probably kick her ass, three legs or not. My baby Squeak was so good, she and Maverick ran around Melissa’s apartment and played and had a good time. She tried to befriend Romeo, by laying down on her stomach and being submissive, but was ignored. Squeak in no way tried to attack Romeo, in fact she liked him. Curious then that when Cricket and Squeak are out on a walk they go crazy when they see a cat, Cricket will literally choke herself straining on the leash to try and get at it. Since Cricket killed a cat in 2012 and they are her enemies, I had to hold her the entire time, not easy with her weighing 33 pounds and shaking and struggling and whining to get to Romeo. I think it’s the wolf and pitbull in Cricket that makes her act that way.