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I have made some great friends in St. Petersburg, and Tampa, and Clearwater, and Largo, and Pinellas Park, and Bradenton, and all around the area. But I have made great friends in other places I’ve lived as well (love you Ashley and Kelli) and it appears I can only outrun my unhappiness for a short time. A gypsy I am, and a gypsy I’ll be. I always think I’ll be happier somewhere else, things will be better, I will find someone to love me. I know this is true because stupid, stupid me has kind of fallen in love with 2 different guys I only know (or thought I knew) from the internet…how you doin’, Mr. C and Mr. O? I so very much want that knight in shining armor, that winning lottery ticket, that beautiful baby, that man who looks at me like maybe I am magic. I applied for jobs in Atlanta and Miami, and Miami called first, so I’m headed south, running away from my mental health, trying to be happy again, if only for a while.