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I WILL prostitute, okay? I was just walking the dogs down Washington Ave minding my own business when this man walked up on me. Here is our conversation word for word: him: hey how are you doing tonight me: okay him: i’ve seen you out walking with your precious dogs, don’t you dribble a basketball around South Beach sometimes also? me: yes him: if you wanted to come back to my apartment for a cocktail or something there is $100 in it for you I looked him up and down with the quickness : he is Jewish but not in a good way, more like concentration camp survivor. He is maybe 65 years old and looks vaguely immuno-suppressed. I am broke as hell basically financially destitute however I just can’t see myself doing anything with him. me: no thank you I have to get home have to go to work c’mon Cricket! And I ran up out of there! When I look back he is walking away, so I follow behind him and shoot a 10 second video, so everyone can see my potential as a high-priced escort, ya heard?