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I have a horrible sweet tooth and I’m broke. When I’m bling blingin’, I enjoy fancy sweet things like tres leches and cronuts and Ben & Jerry’s and pot brownies. Since I ain’t been bout that scrilla in a minute, I luckily stumbled into the Dollar Star on Washington Ave. A sign strategically placed throughout the store says “Florida has ruled that is is legal to sell food that is slightly out of date.” Yes, please!

My purchases:
2 boxes of Little Debbie Cakes, buy 1 get one free, $1.09 (they ain’t stale or nothin’)
2 4-packs of Sunkist 10 (they only have the 10 calories) .49 cents each
1 potato hot dog bun 8-pack (will make my fried bologna (baloney?) sandwiches with, $1
1 Starkist fruit punch candle (cause I love for my pied-a-terre to smell all fruity, like me) .25 cents