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Last night I covered a group home visit for a co-worker Matt in Clearwater to see a 10 year old. Matt had warned me that this 10 year old wouldn’t talk to me and probably wouldn’t even look at me since he didn’t know me, as he is autistic and almost entirely nonverbal. This kid made me so happy, when the house mother brought me in and told this little boy that I was there to see him he got up and immediately came to me. I thought he was going to give me a hug but instead he turned away from me and stood really close, leaning the back of his head on my chest. He then made several contented sounding noises that I heard to be happy greetings. I wanted to give him a hug but I was aware that he didn’t like to be touched unless he initiated it. Instead I tousled his hair and patted his shoulder as he leaned into me, and simply talked to him for a few minutes about everything and nothing. It was maybe the sweetest best thing that had ever happened to me. His foster mother remarked that it was really strange because he had never been open and friendly with anyone he didn’t know. He made my day, week, year! This 10 year olds picture and bio are on the Pinellas County Heart Gallery. He is available for adoption with lots of other great kids! I specifically urge my LGBT community to consider adoption, we have so many great kids that nobody wants…