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I read Porcelain in one 4-hour bathtub inhalation yesterday, and mostly loved it. Moby’sstruggles to find work as a DJ and  his references to those first classic house tracks that I remember from my late teens pretty much smothered his petty irritants (his veganism, alcoholism and Christianity). Any DJ or dance music fan will love most of this memoir.

“Frankie Knuckles had invented house music, lived on the Lower East Side, and was deified. Junior Vasquez owned the floor at Sound Factory, where he played 12-hour sets and was a revered legend living in Chelsea. Danny Tenaglia was in the house music pantheon: he too played long remarkable sets and lived downtown. Larry Levan was a dance music god and he had just started a residency at Choice in the East Village. David Morales was seen as the biggest of the New York house music DJs: he owned the floor at Red Zone, and in an unconventional move, he lived in Midtown. Tony Humphries existed in a strange mythical realm of his own. His sets were long and legendary, his remixes were flawless, he lived in the unknown recesses of Newark, New Jersey.and was in residence at Zanzibar,”